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VIRSA 4K Multi Touch Intercactive Flate Panel With 1TB SSD, Android 13

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This Pannel Features 4mm toughened glass, providing durability and resistance to breakage. This unit comes with 4GB RAM and 32GB internal storage,providing a seamless touch experience, ample storage and is equipped with a powerful processor for fast and efficient performance

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Integrating VIRSA App to Elevate Learning

Experience the next level of learning by integrating the VIRSA App with our Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs). Seamlessly access VIRSA's comprehensive educational content, interactive lessons, and engaging resources. Elevate classroom engagement, personalize learning experiences, and foster collaboration with intuitive technology. Empower educators and inspire learners with the combined power of VIRSA and our cutting-edge IFPs.

Crystal 4K: Unleashing Stunning Clarity on Your Interactive Flat Panel

The IFP comes equipped with a phenomenal Crystal 4K display, packing four times the resolution of a standard Full HD screen. This translates to incredibly sharp images with smooth, refined edges, creating an exceptional level of visual clarity that will leave you impressed.

Screen Life: Where Quality Endures Beyond Expectations.

Experience Extended Screen Life with IFP's Cutting-Edge Features: LED Backlighting, Advanced Cooling, Anti-Burn-in Technology, Robust Construction, Automatic Brightness Adjustment, and Energy-Saving Features. Ensure Prolonged Durability, Consistent Performance, and Reliable Operation for Years to Come.

Enhanced Productivity: Split Screen Functionality

This feature allows users to divide the screen into multiple sections, enabling simultaneous display of different content. By multitasking effectively, users can enhance productivity and streamline workflow.

Navigate Seamlessly: Enhance Interaction with Multi-Touch Capabilities.

Multi-touch capabilities enable smooth and effortless navigation. It implies that users can interact with devices or interfaces seamlessly, without encountering obstacles or interruptions. The focus is on enhancing the overall interaction experience.

Unlocking the Power of Interactive Learning:

Our Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) redefine classroom engagement with touch-screen navigation, vivid displays, and interactive whiteboard functionality. Seamlessly connect devices, utilize educational software, and encourage collaboration. Enjoy personalized learning experiences, instant feedback, and future-ready skills development. Elevate education with our comprehensive IFP solutions.
Specification of the Product

Operating System:Android 13
System Storage:8Gb RAM, 128GB R0M
OPS Include:Yes
OPS Specifiaction:Window 11 i5/12th 1TB internal storage
Hardware Interface:USB, HDMI, Type-C
Special Features:In-Built Camera, 8 Array Microphone,Touchscreen
Standing screen display size:65 Inches, 75 Inches, 86 Inches
Screen Resolution:3840 x 2160
WiFi:2.4 GHz/ 5 GHz
Refresh Rate:60 Hz
Country of Origin:India
Warranty info of the Product

On Site Warranty 3 Years